Product Manager

Christine is one of those rare individuals with technical coding skills AND design intuition. Not only can she make something look absolutely amazing but she can build it and make it work in lightning fast time. I never worry when she's on my projects!

Terry J

Software Engineer

Christine is an effective manager. She hires good people, and then steps back and supports them so they can do their job (that is a long winded way of saying that she is not a micro-manager). Anytime there is an issue that slows my progress, I can go to Christine and she will knock down the barriers! She also blows me away with how quickly she can assimilate, and then articulate complex issues, I wish I had that gift. Not to mention that she is just plain fun to work with!



Christine is undoubtedly the best manager I've had the pleasure of reporting to, period. She is driven and detailed oriented developer with a real eye for design. Christine tirelessly faces every challenge in our department, and always supports my work, as well as our team. She is always professional, reliable, and pleasant to work along side. I would recommend Christine for any technology position.

About Christine

I was born and raised in Indiana and always had a love for writing, drawing, and creativity. Sometime in the 80s my dad brought home an Apple IIc and when a childhood friend taught me how to program I was instantly hooked. I spent a lot of time in front of my Apple, usually trying to figure out how to recover my operating system from all the bad experiments I used to run on it!

I attended Purdue University to study Aerospace Engineering but quickly found it much too stifling for my creative ways. A year later I stumbled upon a brand new field of study in the School of Technology called Computer Graphics, which had a track for web programming. Back in 1996, Google didn’t exist and barely 100,000 websites graced the internet. None of these sites looked like what we see today. I was excited to jump into this new and emerging field!

I graduated in May 2000 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Graphics and immediately moved to Seattle, where I’ve spent 16 years working for agencies and businesses as a Designer, Web Developer, Development Team Manager, Project Manager, and Design Technologist.

I embraced the freelance lifestyle in 2008 and now partner with agencies, local businesses, start-ups, and large corporations. Freelancing has allowed me to jump into every role possible across the entire product development lifecycle and learn how to evaluate business requirements, ask important questions, listen, and get up to speed quickly to successfully get a product from start to finish. I love using both my design and front-end programming skills to create great user experiences.

When not writing code or designing, I’m usually on some crazy mountain adventure, running, hot yoga’ing, traveling, or trying to wear out my equally adventurous Black Lab, Jake. I also share my outdoor stories and tips for getting outside on my personal blog:


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